Single-Wheel Trailers


The Extrawheel trailer consists of a stainless steel frame around a single 26''-wheel. The load is held in two nets on either side of the wheel. Thus, it is necessary to distribute the load to at least two pieces of equal weight. The trailer can carry loads of up to 30 kg.

Advantages Extrawheel:

Disadvantages Extrawheel:

Summary: The Extrawheel-Trailer is a true expedition trailer! It has its strength really in offroad situations and in difficult terrain. It is not so much the choice for grocery-shopping.

Rather short, but wide load

Bike stands when at an angle with the trailer.

Loads to both side of the wheel need to be balnaced.

Fork of the trailer is fixed to special rear axis by tension.

Special rear axis with ball head holds the trailer fork.

Trailer fork is lower than the panniers.


The IBEX is the suspended version of the classic single-wheel trailer, the YAK from BOB. The trailer is made for a big single piece of load that can easily be accessed from above. It can carry about 30 kg.

Advantages Ibex:

Disadvantages Ibex:

Summary: The Ibex-trailer ist a robuster allround-trailer, which can be used on rough expeditions as well as for every-day purposes.

Great flexibility in size of loads, here with solar panel.

Ideal for long and bulky items, such as ice axes.

Suspension prevents damage of the load on rough roads.

Attachment of the fork on the special rear axis.

Easy fixation of trailer fork at the axis with a pivot system.

Panniers and trailer sometimes can cause interference.