Toze Pyramid

Toze Pyramid is located at the south-western edge of the Toze Kangri range. It is just about over 6000 m high and is distinct due to ist almot perfectly pyramidal shape. This contrasts the more shallow and plateau-like peaks of the Toze Kangri main range.

The geology around Toze Pyramid is extremely diverse. While the mountain itself consists of brittle breccia rocks, the surrounding is featured by sandstone formations - quite unique to the proximate region. A vertical wall of weathered sandstone in the shape of a 'Shark Fin' offers great possibilities for the rock-climbers :-)

Toze Pyramid on SummitPost

Sandstone ridge and Toze Kangri plateau glacier.

Bizarre formations of sandstone weathering.

Ridges of weathered sandstone.

Frozen spring near Toze Pyramid.

Toze Pyramid and 'Shark Fin' like sandstone wall.

'Shark Fin' and Toze Pyramid.