Nomads of the Chang Tang

The Nomads use the wide grass plains at the fringes of the Chang Tang as pastures for their herds of domestic animals. Traditional domestic animals are sheep, goat and yaks. Horses are not common in the Chang Tang plateau as they are not well adapted to high altitude.

Traditional nomad tent made of Yak wool.

Life of the nomads has undergone drastic changes in the last few decades. Tractors, Jeeps and trucks have replaced long hikes with pack animals and the world wide increasing demand for meat has drastically increased pressure on pasture lands. There are more and more efforts to give nomads a permanent settlement in adobe huts and to fence grazing grounds.

Despite all the misery Tibetans had to undergo, they managed to maintain their happiness and heartiness. Once the first slight reluctance towards 'strangers' is overcome, their hostility is overwhelming.

Note the differnece in height

Family inside their house of adobe bricks.

The oven, heated with goat dung.

Happy Tibetan 1.

Happy Tibetans 2.

Happy Tibetan 3.

Light nomad tent made of cotton.

Prayer flags on a 5250m high pass.

Mani stone.