Wild life of the Chang Tang

Tibet is rich in wildlife. We were lucky enough to see quite a few awsome animals during our trip. The wide grass plains of the Chang Tang are grazing grounds also for large herds of wild animals, such as wild yak, Tibetan wild ass, Chiru antilopes and smaller Tibetgazelles. Pikas are the most common rodents and they serve important functions in recycling organic material to deeper soil layers.

The few sweet water springs near the saline lakes of the Chang Tang are home to many birds, such as bar-headed goose, or black-necked crane.

Wild yak.

A herd of wild ass (Kiang).

Tibetan antilope (Chiru).

Tibetgazellen (Goa).


Black-necked crane.


Footprint of a wolf.

Footprints of snow leopard.