Plants of the Chang Tang

Vegetation of the Chang Tang is dominated by grasses and cushion plants, which are optimally adapted to the harsh climatic environment. Grasses and cushion plants even grow as high as 5600 m altitude. Trees and high growing shrubs cannot be found at the altitudes over 5000 m. Above 5600 m, one can mainly observe bright orange lichens growing on rocks.

Central Asia, and thus also the Tibetan high plateau, is species origin of many well-known plants in Europe, e.g. Rhubarb, Gentian, Edelweiss and Primroses. However, in fall, when we traveled, not much was left of the beauty of these flowers.

Golden grass of the Chang Tang plains.

Cushion plants in the morning with rime.

Cushion plants in fall colors

Cushion plant 1.

Cushion plant 2.

Cushion plant 3.

Was this a gentian?

Dry leaves of rhubarb.

Orange lichens.